Me and my new addiction

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A story of how I became Stacey, and a little story of a 3am Grindr call!! Enjoy!

Well, I wasn't always like this, I fucked girls all the time, but underneath all that for many years is secretly steal my girls panties , go buy panties and hide them, fuck myself with whatever I could find at night cause my cock cravings were just too strong at times, I need to be completely owned , by a real Dominant man, that makes me do things to please him....

 I love the idea that I would live w him, suck his friends cocks,  let him do whatever he wants to my holes, after all I submitted any rights over at the time of the agreement, I'm no longer a man, I'm Stacey, a cock crazed crossdresser , who will litterally let any stranger fuck my throat, and I'll go ahead and let em hit my boypussy too, I love it when they fill my ass w cum, and I'll hold it in, I remember a few weeks ago, I get a Grindr hook up, he's a young construction worker, I told him, I'll get in ur truck, we won't speak a word to one another, I'll get in get down to just my sexy pink laced panties, get up on my knees and he already had his thick cock out, no words were spoken.....I just started sucking every inch to the back of my throat, I'm in Bliss, but it's 3am(and we're in A churches parking lot at that!!)...I keep sucking and he is enjoying himself, then I feel his calloused hands slip under my thong and start rubbing my asshole, I'd been playing w it so it was well lubed, so he is all the way hard now, he's thrusting a little, he lifts my face and smacks me kinda hard, and says, "turn your faggot ass around bitch, ur gonna take My;; dick!" , I almost lost it right there, so like  good little bitch, I flip around so my ass is now facing him, and my face is pointing to the passenger window, he Yanks my thong and pulls it over to the side and licks my boypussy one time and let's his cocky dick Into my shaved asshole, from there I lost time, all I know is that this fellow didn't play around, he knew what he wanted , so after a few mins , he hits hard, he is cumming in my asshole, I didnt even know it, until he pulls out says , "I'm done."

Starts the truck and rolls out, I barley have time to get all my clothes in order, I got a push up bra , a pink thong, and cum in my like a good little cum slut, I did what I was told, I held that cum in my ass the rest of the night , went home and shot the biggest cumshot all thanks to the young construction cock that fucked me good!!!

 I'll write more stories , I wanna see how many eyes this reach!!


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