A Good Girl

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A woman tries her best to please her Daddy.

She heard her phone ding in the other room. Her heart skipped a beat with excitement, "I hope it's Daddy" she thought. She rushed over and grabbed her phone to see what it was.

"I'm leaving work now, I want you wearing that silk dress and on your hands and knees by the time I get home." His power over her was amazing, one sentence and she was already getting turned on. She rushed into the bedroom to change into the outfit. She put the dress on over her underwear and then remembered Daddy preferred her with nothing on underneath. She slid her panties down her legs and tossed them aside. She rushed back towards the front door since he would be home soon. She got down on all fours and waited excitedly day dreaming about the fun she was about to have. The more time she had to think about it the wetter she got. By the time he gets home she's going to be soaking. She heard the doorknob start to turn and her heart started to beat faster.

The door opened and Daddy looked down at her and a smile crept across his face. "That's a good girl," he said while setting down his things. God she loved it when he called her that, but it was only when she earned it. He sat down on the couch and told her to come over. She looked at him anxiously awaiting instructions. "I want that sweet little mouth around my cock..now." She leaned over him and started to unbutton his pants, his cock was already starting to grow. After sliding his clothes down she grabbed his dick and started to lick and tease just the tip, cleaning off his precum. "Don't be a tease, act like the dirty slut I know you are," he grabbed the back of her head and forced her down to the base of his cock and let out a moan. She started bobbing her head up and down doing her best to please him, she started to play with his balls with her hands because she knew how much he loved that. His cock was rock hard and ramming into the back of her throat.

He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her off his dick. "Stand up and let me see you," he commanded. She could feel his eyes looking her up and down and she could hardly take it anymore, she just wanted him to touch her. He saw her nipples poking through the dress and took a handful of her breast and then started massaging them. He then put his hand on her thigh and slowly slid it up her leg until he lightly touched her soaking wet pussy. Another grin came across his face, "no panties huh? You are finally starting to learn." He started to lightly touch her clit and her juices really started to flow. She just wanted him inside her. He slowly started to put a finger in her pussy and she moaned. As soon as he put it in he took it out and stopped touching her. "This is for trying to tease me earlier. Lay across my lap," he said. She knew better than to resist and laid across him ass up. He slid the dress up over her ass and slapped it..hard. She grimaced but said nothing. He hit her again and again until her ass was raw and red. He looked at her and said "are you ready to be fucked yet?"

"God yes please fuck me Daddy," she begged. He carried her into the bedroom and threw her down on the bed. He started licking her clit to make sure she was nice and ready for his dick. He slid his fingers in her tight pussy and started rubbing her g spot. She just couldn't wait any longer "please Sir, please just put your cock in me." He loved when she begged for it, he pulled her towards the end of the bed and put his cock against her pussy. He started to slide it in slowly and went as deep as he could. She finally was getting what she wanted and it felt so fucking good. He started to thrust faster and faster while her tits were bouncing to his rhythm. It wasn't long before she was close to cumming. "Can I please cum Daddy?" He said no while he slowed down and went back to taking his time moving his cock in and out to prevent her from cumming. She pulled his hips in closer. She just wanted more, she wanted it harder, faster, deeper.

He pulled his dick out and told her to get on her knees. She flipped over and stuck her ass in the air. "Be a good little slut while Daddy fucks your ass," he said. He slid his dick in her tight little asshole and started thrusting. "Play with your clit I want to make my whore cum." She started to rub her clit while he pumped in and out of her ass. His dick was rock hard and she knew he was close to cumming, and so was she. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back while plowing deep into her.

"Can I please cum Daddy?? PLEASE," she begged.

"Yes, I want you to cum while I fill your ass with my load." That was all she needed to hear and she let herself orgasm, her body started shaking and her legs started to give out. She let out a long moan and her eyes rolled back into her head. Right as she was overcome with the orgasm he started to cum and filled her ass with his hot load. He pulled his cock out and watched his cum leak from her asshole. He collapsed on the bed next to her and grinned "that's my good girl."