A Kinkyist, is a Hobbyist of Kink.

Take The Kinkyist Number Test To Find Your Kinkyist Number. Dont Be Shy, Be Honest, Love Embrace It! After you take the Kinkyist Number Test, remember to Edit your General Settings, and Fill in the My Kinkyist Number Field. Also feel free to post your results in this group, and tell us about how you came to have that (exact) number.

Instructions:For Every Question:

[YES = 1 Point] [NO = 0 Points]

1.Have you ever had sex in the backseat of a car?

2.Have you ever sexted while at work?

3.Have you ever had sex while your parents (or roommates) were in the next room?

4.Have you ever used handcuffs?

5.Have you ever masturbated in front of your partner?

6.Have you everbeen choked during sex?

7. Have you ever worn lingerie?

8.Have you ever sent any nude photos?

9.Have you ever had a friend with benefits?

10.Have you ever triedanal?

11.Have you ever gotten an injury fromrough sex?

12.Have you ever had sex outdoors?

13.Have you ever watched porn with someone?

14.Have you ever kissed multiple people in one night?

15.Have you ever done a walk of shame?

16.Have you ever filmed yourself having sex?

17.Have you ever given (or gotten) a lap dance?

18.Have you everhad sex with someone when you didnt know their name?

19.Have you ever had sex in a bathroom stall?

20.Have you ever played strip poker?

21.Have you ever had shower sex?

22.Have you ever tasted yourself?

23.Have you ever used a blindfold?

24.Have you ever spanked someone?

25.Have you ever role played?

26.Have you ever gone out without wearing underwear?

27.Have you ever had a quickie?

28.Have you ever worn a ball gag?

29.Have you ever had a one-night stand?

30.Have you ever talked dirty?

31.Have you ever used a strap-on?

32.Have you ever had a threesome?

33.Have you ever had phone sex?

34.Have you ever hadsex in front of an audience?

35.Have you ever used a vibrator (with or without a partner)?

36.Have you ever worn a butt plug?

37.Have you ever used a sex swing?

38.Have you ever had sex in a classroom or office?

39.Have you ever gone skinny dipping?

40.Have you ever gotten your hair pulled?

41.Have you ever been pinned down?

42.Have you ever had sex while drunk?

43.Have you ever had sex while high?

44.Have you ever orgasmed five times in one day?

45.Have you ever had morningsex?

46.Have you ever eaten food off of your lovers naked body?

47.Have you ever used hot wax?

48.Have you ever worn crotchless underwear?

49.Have you ever had sex on the floor?

50.Have you ever had sex in front of a mirror?

Now, Remember Your Exact Number, You WILL NEED IT!


1-10:Vanilla:Nothing wrong with that. Positive Vibes Your Way.

11-20:Fetishizer: ❄ Fetishizing about Kinks in the comfort of your mind. But Regret, Fear, Worry are becoming less and less, while your arousal and curiosity grows.

21-30:Fearless Kinky-Kazee:Youve done it a few times via personal ads, and loved it more than it scared you; and youre still alive to get Kinky another day. Youre really begin to become a Hobbyist of you Kink. Porn site profiles, Casual Encounter Posts

31-40:Kinkster: ☀You mentally go in dark places to cum fantasizing bringing it to fruition... That Plus the rest of the Categorizes Combined.

41-50:Experienced Kinkyist: ❤The Title Speaks For Itself. Honestly. But Please feel free to expand and story tell to the rest of the community, when ever the want or need strikes; by all means.